Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Remember all those kittens who lost their mittens? Karen wants mittens for her Sasha and Gregor dolls so I created a very simple pattern to make them in felt. I made them in yellow so that the seams would show. However, light colors just make them look larger than they look in person. I suggest darker colors.
The pattern has a folded over top edge so that the glove looks finished. The fabric then folds in half and gets one simple outline seam. I double stitched the seam with very close parallel sewing lines. Tight stitches - 15 on my Singer. Then you can very safely cut away the excess fabric creating a 1/16 inch seam allowance. Pattern works for both hands but you need to move the glove around on each hand until it looks natural.
Since the basic pattern is flat you can easily embellish it with embroidery or add a trim at the top. A pom pom on the back of the glove might be fun as well.

If you want this pattern just send an e-mail with the word MITTENS in the subject line to