Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here is my "created" redhead modeling with two beautiful Victorian wicker pieces. I probably spent more time and money searching for vintage doll furniture than I did finding Sasha dolls. After all, I knew where to find the dolls but the furniture and accessories were much harder to find. This table and chair actually belonged to Nana Laura who bought them in a Paris doll shop.
My good friend, Ed Sibbett, created beautiful stained glass panels that he put into antique Victorian cabinets. He was one of Dover's most prolific authors and created several stained glass pattern books.
On weekends we'd go antique furniture hunting in New England and that is where we often found treasures in both human and doll size. I loved the flea markets in the Pennsylvania countryside -- often around New Hope where I rented a summer home.
My favorite Victorian furniture style was the country "twig" furniture and I over the years I have found dozens of interesting pieces.