Sunday, February 14, 2010


This Sasha loves her blue jeans and here she is modeling two very different versions -- borrowed from other dolls. First is an outfit from Carpatina called "Summer Fun" and features an embroidered and gem accented blouse over laced front bellbottoms. The outfit was designed for the slim version of Carpatina dolls, The fit is a tiny bit loose on Sasha but good if belted or worn over a shirt.
The second outfit is from the Tomy "Kimberly" doll fashion collection. Simply titled "Jeans Outfit" it consists of snug fitting slim leg jeans with realistic detailing and a cute lace trim short-sleeve sweater. The outfit is completed with molded plastic sneakers and a bright yellow Frisbee.
These two outfits represent a sort of reversal in time because the Tomy outfit from 1984 looks very contemporary and the 2010 jeans from Carpatina look quite retro and reflect the styles of the 1970s.
Sasha is a girl of many moods and likes both styles.