Wednesday, February 24, 2010


"Wow, look at my nifty new Goth knitted outfit."

"My knees might get cold when the temperature drops below zero."

"I can pull up my socks to keep my knees warm."

"And Teddy can wear my scarf when we go out to play."

I have often wondered how our beloved Sasha Morgenthaler might have interpreted today's styles into her dolls. Well, Dianne Lam provided one possible answer with this Goth inspired knitted outfit.
The Goth style is very popular with the Asian BJD dolls and has inspired many designers to create fashions based on the various Goth themes -- including the skull motif.
Gregor goes Goth with a sweater and knitted bike shorts plus matching knee socks, scarf, and beanie style cap. He wears "Dr. Martin" style shoes which are traditionally Goth. While it is unlikely that he will ever be the front man for a Heavy Metal band, he is delighted with the overall effect.

And so is his companion Teddy.