Monday, February 22, 2010


Another popular fashion style for Sasha was what I call "the Country Girls" because the outfits had a peasant influence. Another of the "dollsandreams" home designers created dozens of variations on this theme. These were very popular with the city kids who came by on Saturday to see what the sewing ladies had brought in their wicker baskets.
Looking back I have to confess that I was just as anxious to see their latest creations and was always happy to be able to buy one or two for my Sashas before the neighborhood kids snapped them up.
It was always a delight to watch these youngsters sitting on the floor at the back of the shop playing dress-up with their dolls. Little did any of us realize that these early play dolls would one day be worth hundreds -- even thousands of dollars.
We were all just following Sasha's direction to enjoy playing with her dolls. And play we did.

And still do.