Friday, October 24, 2008


I suppose it was LASSIE who first impressed me with the urge and desire to get back home again.
And, it seems that there are many Sasha dolls who have that same urge to return home. Or perhaps it is their new adoptive parents that want to bring them back.
A couple of years ago a particular member of "Sasha Mart" -- the Yahoo group -- wanted to bring home a Sandy Hiker but the American seller was unwilling to ship across the pond. So I agreed to help Sandy get back home with a brief stop-over in The Big Apple.
I had never seen a Sandy Hiker so I was more than delighted to have him as a guest. After I examined him (and found him to be in "perfect health") we went up to my rooftop -- 33 stories up in the air -- to see the sights.
Sandy was particularly impressed by the Chrysler Building and its gleaming Art Deco tower. I explained to Sandy that my Grandfather had done some of the decorative bronze work on that building as well as the Empire State Building which we could see from the opposite side of my rooftop.
Then Sandy made the journey back home to England where the mist rolls over the lush green countryside.