Thursday, October 23, 2008


Creating the "dollsandreams" catalog was an act of love. By 1979 I had become something of a regular in the shop and godfather to Yvonne and Bruno's two children -- Dani and Stephen.
Actors say there are two things to avoid when making a film -- dogs and children. As a photographer I preferred dolls and models past puberty. So the idea of photographing a gaggle of screaming, drooling, hyper-active kids playing with toys had "nightmare" written all over it.
But, the kids were fantastic and for once my daughter even behaved herself. After that photography session I never expected her to actually grow up to become a high fashion model strutting the catwalks of Paris and New York. Time does fly by.
And so on a lovely Saturday afternoon we turned the kids loose with Sasha dolls, toy trains, and an assortment of stuffed toys. I got behind the camera and began shooting them at play. It was a delightful afternoon and every child behaved beautifully.
At day's end they were tired and a bit cranky but perked up considerably when told their reward was to choose any toy they wanted.
There were other catalog photo sessions, but that first afternoon with half a dozen local kids will always be my fondest memory.

And, speaking of the photos, many of the black and white images on this blog were taken for catalogs and ads for "dollsandreams."
Others are from a Sasha photo exhibit I had in a local gallery.