Wednesday, October 29, 2008


By 1986 I had stopped collecting Sasha dolls. My life had taken several turns and the demands of family and business took over. The delightful Saturday afternoons at "dollsandreams" ended when our family moved to San Francisco. I became more and more involved with the world of TeddyBears.
The years slipped by until several years ago when I discovered eBay. One of the first searches I did was for "Sasha dolls" and I was amazed by the number of dolls for sale.
I was unfamiliar with the newer dolls created by Gotz and decided to do some research. After visiting the various websites listed in a Google search I stumbled on one site that was selling a doll named ALBERTO. I thought he was delightful and very expensive. I bookmarked the website and tried to forget about him. A foolish move.
The next day I adopted him and waited for him to arrive. I was used to a more immediate form of doll gratification so the days dragged by until he finally arrived. Suddenly I remembered the excitement of opening a Sasha tube and carefully removing the promise of delight from within. He was perfect.
I confess that I still prefer the earlier Trendon Sasha dolls -- first love I suppose. But, Alberto and his sister Maria are now cherished members of my Sasha family.
I think he completely reflects the look of Sasha's studio dolls -- a young ragtag boy with freckles and impish eyes.