Sunday, October 19, 2008


As a young boy, my Grandmother would take me on a weekly shopping spree to FAO Schwarz where she would interview and adopt various Madame Alexander dolls and Steiff Teddy Bears.
It was a precise and complex process involving close examination of each hand-painted face until one "spoke" to her. Back then I never really understood the process but I loved Nana Laura and was always delighted to escort her each week. After she finished adopting new dolls and bears we went across the street to the Plaza Hotel and took "high tea" in the famous Palm Court.
In the weeks that followed my first Gregor adoption I found myself opening dozens of Sasha tubes and interviewing the dolls hidden inside. Often there were ten or more lined up for inspection and I imagined Nana Laura laughing at me in Heaven.
This is my first Gregor and he has the same dark skin and deep chocolate eyes that Adam has. Even their haircuts were the same.