Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The blondes might have more fun but the beautiful brunettes always seem more serious -- even more mysterious.
Of all the first Sashas I adopted there was one distinctive brunette with deep v-shaped bangs that almost covered her eyes.
Whenever I photographed her she became someone different and her mystery deepened. Her blonde sister also had deep bangs but they did not create the same effect. They just made her sweeter.
Both girls were lost in a move years ago and I miss them. I keep hoping that one day I will find another mysterious brunette with deep bangs that come to a point over the bridge of her nose.
I often wonder about her hair stylist at the Trendon factory and what bit of whimsy was involved with her hair cut that day.
The fashions in these photos were created especially for "dollsandreams" by the talented home sewers that arrived every Saturday morning with their latest designs. That was long before eBay and the delightful creations created by today's talented designers.
Back then they were treasured by everyone fortunate enough to secure one or two.