Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One of the great things about the Sasha dolls is that there are as many variations in the boy's clothing as there is in the girl's. Usually the boy dolls get only a few outfits while the girl's seem to have an endless supply -- a bit like real life.
My GREGOR models three outfits. First, a sailor suit from "dollsandreams" with a sailor hat I created. Next, a "LOVE" T-shirt from "dollsandreams" with a denim newsboy cap, matching bell-bottom trousers, and duffle bag I created. And finally an ivory Irish cable-knit sweater with a blue Tartan hat, scarf, and trousers set I created.
Over the years I have designed lots of outfits for both Sasha and Gregor. They are the best dressed kids on the block.