Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is how I became a toy designer. In 1966 my design company was creating the packaging for YARDLEY and helping to change that company's image. With the sudden popularity of the BEATLES and the whole British Invasion as it was called, YARDLEY decided to reinvent itself. Overnight it went from being a little old ladies' soap company to the most MOD most HIP young cosmetic company -- setting the cosmetic industry on its ear with the LONDON LOOK. In 1967, I created this Christmas gift set wrapping paper for the "Oh! de London" fragrance line.

As chance would have it, the marketing director of HASBRO toys saw this design and hired my design firm to "style" a new doll line called THE WORLD OF LOVE. My job was to create the look of the characters - LOVE, SOUL, PEACE, FLOWER, and ADAM as well as their fashions and packaging.

The line was quite successful and I soon found myself designing other lines for HASBRO as well as dozens of other toy companies.