Monday, October 25, 2010


Sasha is having a purple and lavender mix & match day. She just got this winter TOLLY GIRL skating outfit from eBay and, of course, not everything fit perfectly because those dolls are 18 inches tall. But, the white fur hat, jacket, and muff all fit like a glove. Oh, speaking of gloves, the outfit has mittens but they will need to be altered to fit. The lavender tights are a bit oversize but are easy to adjust to fit -- we added garters. The ice skating skirt needed to have the waist altered a bit.

Now the fun began as we went through Sasha's wardrobe to find matching pieces. The shirt and fur boots are from a BEST FRIENDS CLUB outfit and match perfectly.

Now Sasha is ready for some winter fun -- just as soon as the snow starts to fall.