Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Beauty and fashion photographers love to use wind machines to create free flowing effects with both hair and clothing. A photographer without a wind source is limiting their fun effects. A standard room fan is too large and too powerful to be used with a Sasha doll and difficult to focus on specific areas. I use a hand-held hair dryer set on either high or medium to get the windblown effects that bring Sasha to life in photos. The trick is to focus on blowing the hair without getting it all tangled up. Point the hair-dryer towards the front of the doll slightly below the shoulder lever so that the hair lifts up behind the doll and doesn't blow into her face. Once you figure out exactly how to get the effect you want it is time to play with various other positions like from the side or from slightly behind the doll.
The pictures above were taken this way and the hair-dryer was set on high for all of the shots.