Monday, June 21, 2010


In the human world of modeling there are make-up artists, hair-dressers, and stylists who fuss and fume over the models who sulk and suffer in the name of fashion. Sasha is a much better model and not given to tantrums or complaints. Her natural beauty needs no makeup but her hair often needs to be groomed before standing for the camera.
I only use metal pet combs with rounded polished teeth to comb her hair. Plastic combs are seldom finished enough and often cut or break hair with unfinished edges.
And I only use NON-ALCOHOL Spray Styling Gel to control the fly-away hairs. I never spray the gel directly on the hair but instead spray a bit on a brush to smooth the top and sides of the hair. I find that a toothbrush works best on the fringe.
First I place a hair net over the head and then a stretch wig cap over that until it is time to pose for photos.
One good thing about Spray Gel is that once it has dried it crystallizes and can easily be brushed out leaving no residue behind. Regular Hair Spray usually contains alcohol that dries the hair and will leave a residue behind that builds up over time.