Thursday, June 17, 2010


Another favorite lighting trick of beauty and fashion photographers is BACKLIGHT. This effect can be achieved both indoors and outdoors. And it usually is combined with BOUNCE LIGHT.
The light source, sun or lamp, is positioned behind the subject. A bounce card is usually placed in front of the subject to illuminate the front of the face. Or two bounce boards, or secondary lights, are placed on either side of the subject.
Very often a fashion photographer will combine BACKLIGHT, BOUNCE LIGHT, and WIND to achieve a more dramatic effect.
The end goal of any photograph is to tell a story and in the case of Sasha, whose expression is fixed, it can be made more realistic by the position of the head and the various ways the lighting is used.
In these photos her expression almost seems to change from image to image simply because of the lighting and the tilt of her head.