Saturday, June 12, 2010


Please say hello to my Birthday Sasha. I discovered her several months ago on Shelly's website and was smitten. She is very similar to my other early 1970s girls but, of course, has a personality all her own. It took several months to pay off her adoption fee but she arrived just in time for my birthday. This is her first photo shoot with me, but certainly not her last.
She is a bit of a waif with quite straight hair and a small section of overly trimmed fringe that was probably done at the factory. She has been restrung but needs to be untangled inside. She has her original gingham dress but came dressed in this charming outfit.
We all love a bit of mix-n-match and this little one has an original dress and panties with original socks, but a later Gotz wrist tag and later Gotz shoes.

We have been enjoying my "getting older day" with the rest of my Sasha clan.