Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Most Sasha dolls can stand on their own without the support of a doll stand. However, many Sasha dolls have suffered from doll stand gripper dents because the metal piece that goes around the waist is too tight and creates dimples in the body vinyl. To avoid this happening I make my own gripper using soft craft pipe cleaners -- each about 12 inches long. I join two of them by twisting their ends. Then I wrap the piece around Sasha's waist and twist the two sides together behind the back. After that I insert the remaining tails into the metal stand support and turn up the ends in the back piece to secure the doll in place.
I also often use this flesh colored body suit (leotard) to protect Sasha's body from clothing stains if I'm not sure if a fabric is color safe. This one was created by DOLL SECRETS and is discussed in an earlier blog post.

The use of the soft covered pipe cleaner to hold Sasha has other advantages because it allows her to assume poses that the steel gripper does not permit because it is too rigid.