Friday, November 19, 2010


Sasha is wearing her new outfit from SASHA DOLL STYLE. This ensemble is called "Spring Green and Gray" and was created by Nikki.

I often think of Shelly's website as a museum where I get to view fantastic Sasha dolls that I will never see in person or be able to adopt. My good friend Nancy taught me the art of visiting expensive stores and thinking of them as museums.

If visiting Shelly's website is like going to a museum then visiting Nikki's website is like taking a guided tour of Belfast, Northern Ireland where her Sashas romp and frolic at the beach and play in her gardens. Her photo stories are miniature works of art.

All aspiring designers and knitters should look at her website and her equally amazing blog because it is like taking advanced courses in fashion design. Her approach to designing for Sasha is insightful and carefully plotted so that each ensemble is a carefully crafted gem of color and pattern.

Her blog takes us through the process step-by-step as each season she creates two collections -- one in warm tones and the other in cool tones.

This latest outfit consists of a hat and sweater in the same colors and pattern with corduroy trousers and a knitted shoulder bag. Originally the outfit came with navy and white trainers but these matching Mary Janes were Sasha's choice. The tiny stuffed octopus was a surprise gift.