Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last week on a whim I sent away for this printed "Everyday Clothing Panel" from HOME-SEW. It cost just $9.95 and I thought it might be a fun challenge to alter it for a Sasha. It arrived yesterday and I was delighted with the quality -- especially the colorful and detailed printing on a lovely 100% cotton panel.

The outfit is intended to fit an 18-inch doll -- there is a companion printed rag doll panel -- or an American Girl type of doll.

I decided to only use the pieces provided but not necessarily the way they were intended to be used. The "lining" for the collar and back closing of the blouse became a collar and bow. Because Sasha is only 16 inches tall I had some skirt fabric excess to play with. And I decided to make a full dress instead of a blouse and skirt. Some of the skirt material became pockets and part of the apron became its waistband.

I'm not a great fan of poke bonnets but I made this one more or less as described. Overall I think it turned out to be a fun project and considering the price, an inexpensive one. The final outfit looks much more expensive than $9.95.

While I was working on it I thought this would make a fun challenge to see how many variations our clever designers might come up with.

Meanwhile, Sasha is enjoying her new frock and is looking for some geese or maybe a couple of lambs.