Sunday, September 19, 2010


In the film, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Julie Andrews sang about a few of her favorite things. The Sashas and I watched the movie a few nights ago and I thought it might be fun if we told about our favorite things.

This young lady is my favorite blonde Sasha. She is affectionately known around here as "Stubborn Sasha" because for many months she refused to pose except in one position. I considered restringing her but never got around to it. She was featured in a story in SASHA WORLD #10.

She is unusual because her fringe is perfectly straight. I have seen many brunette Sashas with straight fringe but the blondes tend to have a wave or curl to theirs. And, she has this persistent tendril of hair that looks as though it was intended to be part of her fringe but was left uncut. No matter how hard I try to keep it back it persists in falling forward. It has made this little charmer very distinctive.

She is wearing one of the first BEST FRIENDS CLUB borrowed fashions and ever since she put it on her personality changed. Now it is her favorite outfit. And now she poses in more than one position without protest or toppling over. She still has a determined expression but she is as pretty as can be and one of my favorite things.