Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In the late 1960s IDEAL introduced the "Crissy" doll and her family and friends including "Velvet" and an extensive wardrobe of Love Generation fashions. Here is Sasha dressed in "Hippie Happening" which features lovely accents like thin pink insertion ribbons in the lace trim. The ivory fabric features ribbed detailing. The dress is accented with a yarn belt in hot pink and Aqua. This is a beautifully crafted dress that looks wonderful on Sasha but doesn't quite fit her waist. That is easily altered with the addition of two strips of matching ribbon in the back.
The "Velvet" outfits generally fit Sasha better and are all equally charming in a retro style. While Sasha and Crissy were contemporaries in the doll world their fashion styles were very different. Nonetheless, Sasha does enjoy dressing up as a "Love-In" hippie.