Monday, March 1, 2010


Gregor is delighted with this Tommy Hilfiger outfit and scooter. Once again the Tommy series has provided Sasha and Gregor with a great outfit and accessories. This boxed "school" set has a scooter and a number of charming accessories including a laptop computer and carrying bag. The red strap watch is part of that set as well. Gregor's helmet is from the "roller skate" boxed set. Since most of the Hilfiger outfits and accessories are in the same color scheme, everything is easy to mix and match.
His outfit consists of a sleeveless denim vest with an attached hood and worn over a three-quarter sleeve T-shirt decorated with stars and stripes. His shorts are borrowed from the Magic Attic collection. The socks and sneakers are commercially made.

Sasha and Gregor both love the Tommy Hilfiger style of fashions and have built an extensive collection of the fashions and accessories that they have then expanded with fashions in the same color scheme from other doll collections.

Just as adult fashions can come from a variety of sources, so can doll fashions if you know where to look and keep a sharp eye out for what will work together. It takes time but the end result is always great fun.