Monday, October 12, 2009


After living most of my 77 years in New York City I recently moved to Chestnut Hill Village -- a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. While there was some culture shock involved, the Sashas and I have adjusted nicely.
Now we wake up to clean, fresh air and look out the windows at beautiful trees and lush green lawns. This little community is beautifully maintained and the apartment is all brand new.
Now the Sashas and Gregors can play outside and, as you can see, even climb a small tree. Life in the country has many advantages and I am learning to take advantage of all of them.
The great thing about this complex is that there is a mini shopping center directly across the street that includes a Post Office and a UPS store. And the train station is there as well and in Philadelphia all public transportation is only one dollar for senior citizens. You can buy a ten-trip ticket for $8.50 so every ride is just 85 cents.
So I don't need a car and can just hop on the train and be in the city of Philadelphia in 30 minutes. The train station there is right under The Gallery -- a huge shopping mall. And a charming doll shop, Happily Ever After, is just a few blocks away.
I'm still unpacking and organizing but I wanted to start posting on this blog again plus all the kids are anxiously waiting to be photographed enjoying their latest adventures