Sunday, February 13, 2011


For many, many months I had been searching for a redhead Sasha but none caught my eye. Again and again I searched eBay and Shelly's website but always without success. On Shelly's site there was a later production Gotz ANGELA with a sad expression. The description said she had a caved in neck and could only pose looking up or looking down. She was there day after day and week after week as I continued my search. I would always stop and look at her downcast pose and expression -- wondering why no one had adopted her. Then a few weeks before Christmas I saw a notice in her description -- "OFFERS INVITED" and I decided that I would adopt her if my offer was accepted. It was.

Now she is here with her brothers and sisters. I have not yet "corrected" her neck caving but she can hold several poses that I find delightful and filled with her special charm and personality. One day soon I will correct the problem, but for now she is giving me one of her looks that says, "I'm home and I'm OK."