Wednesday, December 15, 2010


In these harsh economic times every penny counts -- especially if we want to adopt another Sasha. So I keep track of all my supermarket discounts and use coupons until my savings add up to a reasonable adoption fee.

And I recycle and reuse everything I can. Here are two of my favorites. I love French Roast coffee and the red plastic containers are well designed and sturdy. I use them to store all sorts of things in both the kitchen and my workroom. In the winter I fill them with water and place one in each room so that the heating doesn't dry out everything including my Sashas.

The other item I really love is this Roasted Chicken container. I love sliced chicken sandwiches and this brand packages it in this terrific container that stacks easily or hangs smartly on a peg board. They are transparent so I am able to see whatever I store inside them.

I used to buy plastic pencil boxes but they cost about a dollar each. These are better for my needs and are free.

All these plastic items may not be eco friendly but for me they are eco-nomically friendly and over time contribute to my doll fund by saving the money I might have spent for more expensive containers.